1. KASA
  2. True
  3. iamthe gardener
  4. Tranquility Spa
  5. Marcopolo Restaurant
  6. RSTCA Foundation
  7. Dmarket
  8. Silverthreads
  9. MOHO
  10. Sanjivani Health Care
  11. Turkish Airlines


  1. De Maker Clothing- Token Of Love to Winner
  2. Nepal SBI Bank- Banking Partner
  3. Himalayan Java – Gift Hamper to Winner
  4. Kundalina Ayurveda- Gift Hamper to Winner
  5. The Art of Living- Gift Hamper to Winner
  6. Sober Recovery Drug & Alcohol Treatment & rehabitation Center – Gift Hamper to Winner
  7. Honda Nepal- Gift Hamper to Winner
  8. NPM Gear- Free Bike and Car Servicing and Repair
  9. Elegant Cakes- Chocolate and Cakes to Winner
  10. Food Mandu- Gift Hamper to Winner
  11. The Kathmandu Guest House- Gift Hamper to Winner
  12. Sparrow SMS- Gift Hamper
  13. Khalti- Free Payment Gateway API integration and Merchant Account on Discount
  14. SB Auto Link- Free Gift Hamper
  15. Bon Ton Nepal- Free Gift Hamper
  16. Gautam Group- Free Multi-dynamic E Commerce Website to Winner
  17. RSTCA Foundation- Award
  18. Eventsnp- Gift Hamper to Winner
  19. e-Dheba- Merchant Account to Winner
  20. Mic for Youths- Free Gift Hamper
  21. Harvard Education Consultancy- Free Gift Hamper
  22. NMWWS- Free Gift Hamper
  23. PEAK Hospitality- Free Gift Hamper to Winner
  24. Los Escobar- Gift Hamper to Winner
  25. Made in Nepal Pvt Ltd- Gift hamper to Winner
  26. Marcopolo Restaurant- Gift Hamper
  27. KTE Tea- Gift Hamper
  28. Telematics- Gift Hamper
  29. The SG Gallery- Photography Partner
  30. Turkish Airlines- Gift Hamper for Winner
  31. UG Cakes- Cakes for Winners.